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ScalaCheck: The Definitive Guide cover

PrePrint™ Edition
Version 2
March 11, 2014
124 pages

ScalaCheck: The Definitive Guide
Property-based testing on the Java Platform

by Rickard Nilsson

ScalaCheck is a library that facilitates automated specification-based testing of Scala or Java software applications, originally inspired by the QuickCheck library of Haskell.

ScalaCheck: The Definitive Guide explains the big ideas behind ScalaCheck, and shows how to use it effectively to write tests at the higher level of property specifications.

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Table of contents

Contents vii
List of Listings ix
Acknowledgments x
Introduction xi
1. ScalaCheck: Property-based Software Testing 17
2. ScalaCheck vs. JUnit: A Complete Example 25
(download free sample chapter PDF)
3. ScalaCheck Fundamentals 36
4. Running ScalaCheck 56
5. Properties in Detail 69
6. Generators in Detail 82
About the Author 99
Index 100

About the author

Rickard Nilsson is the creator of ScalaCheck. He is working as a software developer and system administrator both on a free-lance basis and at Lunarc, a center for high performance computing at Lund University. Rickard has a keen interest in functional programming and likes to apply concepts and thinkings from that field into the world of system administration.

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