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November 13, 2010,  8 comments
A follow-up to my previous piece on Facebook.
November 11, 2010,  3 comments
This is another article that originated on my Reinventing-Business blog but might also be interesting here.
October 20, 2010,  6 comments
I'm not sure what's worse here: the fact that some of my data is going to go away, or the fact that I found this out almost by accident. Someone is going to get burned by this.
October 6, 2010,  Submit comment
Read Douglas Rushkoff's "Why I Left My Publisher in Order to Publish a Book" first.
August 16, 2010,  39 comments
It's been taking forever to open-source Java. Oracle's lawsuit with Google makes me wonder if it's ever going to happen.
June 15, 2010,  7 comments
Is there a service that allows a group of people to post recommended articles? Google reader allows only one person to do this.
May 8, 2010,  9 comments
This move has been several years in the making. My interests have been shifting during that time, away from software development and towards business. As several people have suggested, it makes sense to separate the two topics into different blogs.
April 24, 2010,  7 comments
The problem is this: People come to Crested Butte (it's mostly tourism-based) and they can't find out what stores and services are available, or what's going on.
April 2, 2010,  18 comments
"... there's a gap between what science knows and what business does." This is the mantra that Dan Pink repeats throughout his book, describing how we unintentionally demotivate through our mistaken beliefs about how motivation works.
March 28, 2010,  1 comment
The most striking thing I heard was the number of people who said "I'll see you next year" to each other as they were leaving. This has become something more than a conference.
March 10, 2010,  88 comments
In 25 years or so, we'll look at the current morass as only a small step above assembly-language programming. Here's what I think programming will be like then.
March 1, 2010,  13 comments
A participant in a recent writing workshop used this phrase to describe what her executive clients hoped for. That sudden flash of insight is what I'm looking for, too.
February 11, 2010,  60 comments
This book should be required reading for anyone considering business school. By methodically exposing their extremely shaky foundations, it strongly suggests they are doing far more harm than good.
February 5, 2010,  108 comments
Apparently the founder of does this, in an attempt to not only prevent poisonous people from destroying teams, but to go in the other direction and create exceptional teams.
February 3, 2010,  1 comment
Just over a year ago, James Ward & I published "First Steps in Flex." Our goal was to make Flex easy by creating the shortest examples and chapters we could, to give you just enough to get started. We've just finished making free screencasts of all the chapters in the book.
18 pages [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ]
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