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A Weblog by Bruce Eckel
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August 24, 2009,  28 comments
My prediction of how Chrome -- both the browser and the OS -- is going to flatten the playing field for programmers.
August 20, 2009,  8 comments
The kind of thing I've been talking about: time-share restaurants, edupunk and microlending.
August 17, 2009,  Submit comment
The Linux Outlaws podcasters interviewed me when I gave a keynote at EuroPython.
August 14, 2009,  8 comments
In hindsight, it seems strange it has taken us so long to figure this out in the computing field. Applications elsewhere might be even more important.
August 10, 2009,  2 comments
Remember when you were a kid, hanging upside down over the couch? Everything you looked at was different.
August 7, 2009,  10 comments
Lately I've seen a rash of startups and small companies that have made bad technology decisions. I can only assume these decisions were made at the wrong level, by people who don't understand the technology or the implications of their decisions.
July 29, 2009,  2 comments
Things that stood out for me from the rest of the book.
July 22, 2009,  12 comments
"In Search of Excellence" and "Good to Great" have had the greatest popularity and impact, but virtually no one actually does what they say, because "what's measured gets done."
July 15, 2009,  10 comments
The "interesting economic times" and breaking my leg in February have combined to put me into a reflective frame of mind about careers.
July 14, 2009,  Submit comment
Many of the talks from EuroPython were recorded as either audio or video; My keynote was captured as video.
July 11, 2009,  12 comments
The impact of the Google Chrome OS, told through (probably excessive) metaphor.
July 3, 2009,  13 comments
People who've made the switch to dynamic languages seem much, much happier. I was a bit out of sorts from jet lag and travel in general when I entered the Birmingham UK conference and suddenly a wash of good feelings poured over me. "Ahh! Python Programmers!"
June 16, 2009,  89 comments
I showed up at the organizational meeting for the ANSI/ISO C++ standards committee because Bjarne Stroustrup asked me to. I knew him from my early C++ work and from conferences, and I suspect he considered me a friendly influence.
June 2, 2009,  24 comments
I regularly receive requests for career advice, and I've tried to capture the answers in this blog, and in a follow-on. For those of you who asked but never got an answer, I apologize. Your questions stimulated me to work on this, and it's taken awhile.
May 5, 2009,  4 comments
Both social networking and votable newsfeeds are one-dimensional. Combine the two and you get a kind of Pandora for stories, and for discovering people who like the kind of stories you do.
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