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by Frank Sommers, January 18, 2010,  39 comments
A short response to Tim Bray's recent blog post, Doing it Wrong.
by Bruce Eckel, January 7, 2010,  Submit comment
This year's conference will be March 16-19, with a free "Alternative Languages Hackathon Day" on March 15. It's during ski season in Crested Butte, CO, and also during a spring break so register and get your lodging early!
by Howard Lovatt, January 7, 2010,  4 comments
In a previous weblog a suggestion for reifying lambda types was given. The previous weblog give examples but no formal description of the process. This weblog gives a more formal description.
by David Goodger, January 4, 2010,  Submit comment
This year I'll be presenting two tutorials on building desktop GUI applications with wxPython.
by David Goodger, January 4, 2010,  Submit comment
There are only two days left to register at the early-bird rates. The rates go up after Wednesday!
by Bruce Eckel, December 31, 2009,  35 comments
Malcom Gladwell's latest book is a selection from his New Yorker columns. The underlying theme is what I call "wrong correctness," which is fascinating because there are enormous possibilities to be mined, but only if we can learn how to create a new approach to business.
by Howard Lovatt, December 29, 2009,  10 comments
Recently, at Devoxx, it was announced that Java would get lambda functions (a.k.a. anonymous functions or closures). There are many ways of implementing these on the JVM. This post proposes that reifying lambdas is a good choice.
by David Goodger, December 6, 2009,  Submit comment
The story of my visit to Poznan, Poland, for the RuPy 2009 conference. Also, a link to my talk slides/script.
by Kevin Wright, December 6, 2009,  59 comments
An not-so-serious overview of the events in software development that led to the creation of Scala.
by Kevin Wright, December 2, 2009,  5 comments
Using Scala to make your code lovely
by Jeremy Meyer, November 26, 2009,  12 comments
A happy little voyage of discovery down the Groovy road.
by Kevin Wright, November 26, 2009,  18 comments
Reducing accidental complexity in Scala
by Michele Simionato, November 19, 2009,  1 comment
A short note about a task I am doing at my day job, involving making sure that different caches are cleared consistently. For people wondering about real-life use cases of metaprogramming techniques.
by Bruce Eckel, November 18, 2009,  40 comments
I finally bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner yesterday. It completely changes my cleaning experience. Design that asks and answers the right questions can completely change other experiences, too.
by Gregg Wonderly, November 17, 2009,  1 comment
Windows 7 is here, and mysteriously, the Vista SP2 download has disappeared from windows update. What does this say about Vista that we didn't already know?
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