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by Bill Venners, September 12, 2009,  4 comments
Scala has an Option type that provides a type-safe alternative to using null to represent optional values. In this blog post, I show how to replace nested conditionals involving Option with a for-expression.
by Bruce Eckel, September 11, 2009,  21 comments
There's a saying that's been traveling the business circles in recent years: "Speaking truth to power." It means you are so confident and direct that you can actually tell someone in power what's really going on.
by Michele Simionato, September 7, 2009,  4 comments
This is the updated translation of a beginner-level paper I wrote for Stacktrace one year ago (see It basically discusses Python 2.6 namedtuples (plus some musing of mine).
by Michele Simionato, September 1, 2009,  3 comments
A quick recipe for readers of digital comics
by Bill Venners, August 28, 2009,  13 comments
A recent paper by Gilles Dubochet describes a study that concluded Scala code written in a functional style that favors for expressions and higher order functions is easier to comprehend than Scala code written in a more Java-like, looping style. It also found that meaningful variable names were insigificant or even detrimental to comprehension.
by Bruce Eckel, August 24, 2009,  28 comments
My prediction of how Chrome -- both the browser and the OS -- is going to flatten the playing field for programmers.
by Michele Simionato, August 20, 2009,  2 comments
This summer I have been quite silent on Artima. Here is an update of what I have done and what I plan to do in the future.
by Bruce Eckel, August 20, 2009,  8 comments
The kind of thing I've been talking about: time-share restaurants, edupunk and microlending.
by Bruce Eckel, August 17, 2009,  Submit comment
The Linux Outlaws podcasters interviewed me when I gave a keynote at EuroPython.
by Bruce Eckel, August 14, 2009,  8 comments
In hindsight, it seems strange it has taken us so long to figure this out in the computing field. Applications elsewhere might be even more important.
by Bruce Eckel, August 10, 2009,  2 comments
Remember when you were a kid, hanging upside down over the couch? Everything you looked at was different.
by Matthew Wilson, August 8, 2009,  2 comments
SourceForge.NET's new File Release manager takes computing productivity back to the days of the punched card reader, and it does it with Web 2.0!
by Bruce Eckel, August 7, 2009,  10 comments
Lately I've seen a rash of startups and small companies that have made bad technology decisions. I can only assume these decisions were made at the wrong level, by people who don't understand the technology or the implications of their decisions.
by Michele Simionato, August 5, 2009,  1 comment
What does it mean that two identifiers are equal in a lexically scoped language with hygienic macros? This last episode of part V tries to answer the question, by discussing three different concepts of identifier equality.
by Bruce Eckel, July 29, 2009,  2 comments
Things that stood out for me from the rest of the book.
89 pages [ 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 ]
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