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by Aahz, July 29, 2009,  5 comments
The Python community is both incredibly diverse (Python 3.1's release manager was not yet eighteen years old) and incredibly lacking in diversity (none of the regular committers is a woman). I'm now working on creating more diversity in the Python community, and I welcome anyone who wants to help.
by Aahz, July 24, 2009,  36 comments
Many men in Open Source refuse to confront the fact that they need to do something about the lack of women in Open Source -- partly because they don't believe that there are so few women.
by Bruce Eckel, July 22, 2009,  12 comments
"In Search of Excellence" and "Good to Great" have had the greatest popularity and impact, but virtually no one actually does what they say, because "what's measured gets done."
by Bruce Eckel, July 15, 2009,  10 comments
The "interesting economic times" and breaking my leg in February have combined to put me into a reflective frame of mind about careers.
by Bruce Eckel, July 14, 2009,  Submit comment
Many of the talks from EuroPython were recorded as either audio or video; My keynote was captured as video.
by Bruce Eckel, July 11, 2009,  12 comments
The impact of the Google Chrome OS, told through (probably excessive) metaphor.
by Bruce Eckel, July 3, 2009,  13 comments
People who've made the switch to dynamic languages seem much, much happier. I was a bit out of sorts from jet lag and travel in general when I entered the Birmingham UK conference and suddenly a wash of good feelings poured over me. "Ahh! Python Programmers!"
by Michele Simionato, June 26, 2009,  Submit comment
In this episode I explain how to break hygiene in Scheme macros by using datum->syntax. I discuss how you can play with the lexical context. Finally, I spend some word on non-hygienic macro systems versus hygienic systems.
by Michele Simionato, June 20, 2009,  2 comments
If there is a topic which is likely to engender a flame war between Schemers and Lispers, that topic is hygienic macros. It is the time to face it, and to explain what people mean when they allude to the "hygiene problem".
by Michele Simionato, June 17, 2009,  2 comments
In the last dozen episodes I have defined plenty of macros, but I have not really explained what macros are and how they work. This episode closes the gap: it explains the true meaning of Scheme macros by introducing the concepts of syntax object and of transformer over syntax objects.
by Bruce Eckel, June 16, 2009,  89 comments
I showed up at the organizational meeting for the ANSI/ISO C++ standards committee because Bjarne Stroustrup asked me to. I knew him from my early C++ work and from conferences, and I suspect he considered me a friendly influence.
by Cees de Groot, June 15, 2009,  14 comments
I've seen the next big JVM language, and it's called Scala.
by Michele Simionato, June 10, 2009,  Submit comment
In this episode I add another item to the macro programmer toolkit (macros taking macros as arguments) and I bring an argument in favor of good old parentheses.
by Michele Simionato, June 5, 2009,  Submit comment
After a short introduction about the relevance of macros as tools to design abstractions, including full programming languages, I show some common patterns of Scheme macrology: recursive macros, accumulators, and the usage of literals to incorporate helpers in macros.
by Arash Barirani, June 3, 2009,  3 comments
At this year's JavaOne, you can notice the buzz around "cloud computing." Vendors seem to have different takes on just what this term means. Then there are fun new languages for the VM, such as Scala, JavaFX, and Clojure. And old languages seem to be moving to the VM, too: There are JavaOne sessions on running PHP on the JVM, for example.
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