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by Bruce Eckel, September 22, 2008,  1 comment
Brazilians are very warm and friendly, and PyCon Brazil in Rio de Janeiro had over 300 very enthusiastic and committed Python programmers.
by Matthew Wilson, September 21, 2008,  Submit comment
Having the computer help you write and maintain your code is an essential facet of successful software development, and all good consultants will recommended that you follow suit. (Even if, sometimes, they forget to do so themselves ...)
by Michele Simionato, September 21, 2008,  5 comments
Scheme is a language with many implementations and with few libraries. In this episode I will discuss the current situation and I will give some useful indication to the Scheme beginner.
by Michele Simionato, September 18, 2008,  5 comments
This is the first episode of a long running series of articles about Scheme. Currently I have published the first 11 episodes of it on Stacktrace. This episode is a revised translation of
by Ian Robertson, September 16, 2008,  12 comments
Once the boilerplate traditionally associated with the Service Locator Pattern is eliminated, one of the key motivations for Dependency Injection is reduced, if not eliminated. This article, the second of a two part series, looks at the pros and cons of each approach to interacting with services.
by Ian Robertson, September 14, 2008,  11 comments
Traditional implementations of the Service Locator Pattern result in a large amount of boilerplate code. This article, the first of a two part series, shows that this is not a necessary weakness.
by Matthew Wilson, September 10, 2008,  Submit comment
Having spent nearly two years "getting everything sorted" ready to write my next book, I've decided enough is enough. It starts TODAY!
by Matthew Wilson, September 9, 2008,  3 comments
Two radically different philosophies to the management of software developers. Which one do you favour?
by Michele Simionato, September 3, 2008,  11 comments
Just yesterday at work I had a good real-life use case for generic functions which deserved a blog post.
by Michele Simionato, August 24, 2008,  4 comments
This final installment documents other subtle and somewhat surprising features of Python's super.
by Michele Simionato, August 15, 2008,  Submit comment
The series about the dark corners of the Python builtin super continues. In this installment I discuss an ugly design wart, unbound super objects.
by Bruce Eckel, August 15, 2008,  Submit comment
I will be giving a 3-day Java & Python Patterns workshop in Sao Paulo September 15-17, and then the keynote at the PyConBrasil in Rio de Janeiro September 19.
by Bruce Eckel, August 14, 2008,  Submit comment
James Ward and I have been working on an introductory Flex book for programmers, which we'll release as soon as we get the legal issues ironed out.
by Bruce Eckel, August 12, 2008,  16 comments
A non-Web-2.0 (TM O'Reilly, Inc.) way of looking at it.
by David Vydra, August 12, 2008,  Submit comment
You need coders to write software - its that simple.
89 pages [ 1 ... 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 ]
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