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by Michele Simionato, August 12, 2008,  2 comments
super is perhaps the trickiest Python construct: this series aims to unveil its secrets
by Michele Simionato, August 10, 2008,  1 comment
I describe my publication toolchain for Artima blog posts. I also argue that the absence of features in the Artima blogging platform is its best feature.
by Michele Simionato, August 9, 2008,  Submit comment
In the first part I have discussed the new features of metaclasses in Python 3.0, in particular the usage of the __prepare__ classmethod to intercept the class attributes *before* class creation. In this second part I will show an example of the things you can do with metaclasses, by implementing a clever record system.
by Michele Simionato, August 9, 2008,  10 comments
This is the English translation of an article I wrote some time ago for Stacktrace: For convenience, I have split it in two posts.
by Frank Sommers, August 6, 2008,  7 comments
In his popular blog, Jeff Atwood suggests that becoming a great developer has more to do with the quantity of code you produce than with an explicit desire to produce high-quality code from the start.
by Bruce Eckel, August 5, 2008,  16 comments
Why does a company full of smart people make stupid decisions? How do we keep it from happening?
by Michele Simionato, August 3, 2008,  3 comments
When starting a new blog it is customary to begin with a brief introduction to ourselves, with the reason why we are starting the blog, and with a note about the topics of the blog. Here it goes.
by Guido van van Rossum, July 31, 2008,  9 comments
I believe I've tracked down the origin of the term Benevolent Dictator For Life (BDFL) to a Python meeting in 1995. It's a blast from the past!
by Barry Warsaw, July 18, 2008,  4 comments
My wife saved two important SD cards from her camera to a faulty USB disk I'd given her. The images got corrupted and she'd deleted the files from her cards. Could Open Source come to the rescue? Let's hope so because divorces are expensive!
by Bruce Eckel, July 17, 2008,  103 comments
If so, this is a call to action.
by David Goodger, July 9, 2008,  5 comments
A list of what & why. Mostly tech-oriented 'casts, with the odd, odd exception.
by Bruce Eckel, July 9, 2008,  11 comments
Microsoft announced a 300 million marketing campaign to stand up to the competitors and critics of Vista. They're going to make Vista good by saying it's good.
by Bruce Eckel, July 3, 2008,  Submit comment
The video and slides from last December in Belgium.
by Frank Sommers, July 1, 2008,  24 comments
Doing the simplest thing that could possibly work is a frequent advice of the agile development movement. But how applicable is that advice in different kinds of development contexts?
by Frank Sommers, June 26, 2008,  6 comments
A great deal of commentary followed Apple's announcement that it would use the Sproutcore JavaScript framework for its upcoming online offerings. Most of the debate centers around the question of whether a virtual machine-based environment or reliance on browser standards are preferable when developing rich Web apps.
89 pages [ 1 ... 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 ]
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