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Artima Color Schemer
Choose A Color Scheme for Your Web Page
by Bill Venners


The Artima Color Schemer applet, included below, allows you to try out different web page color schemes, using various combinations of the browser-safe colors:

For some reason, your browser won't let you view this way cool Java applet.

Colors for Web Pages
HTML lets you specify up to five colors for various components of page:

You define these colors for the entire web page by placing your selections in the BODY tag, as in:


The color schemer applet lets you try out different combinations of these five colors.

Using the Color Schemer
To use the color schemer, select one of the five color modes: BGCOLOR, TEXT, LINK, VLINK, or ALINK. You select a mode by clicking on that mode's name in the center of the applet. When you select a mode, a white rectangle surrounds the mode's name.

To choose a color for the current mode, move the mouse across the colors in the pallette of 216 "browser-safe" colors, which appear in a grid just below the applet's title. As you move your mouse from color to color, you can preview how your web page will look with that color at the bottom of the applet. It's almost as much fun as crayons.

Happy coloring.

JARS Top 1 Percent JARS, the Java Applet Rating Service, gave Artima Colorschemer a Top 1% Award.

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