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The Second Edition
Has Arrived!
Inside the Java 2 Virtual Machine
Featured Resource for Friday, February 1, 2002
Introduction to Java's Architecture - chapter 1 of Inside the Java Virtual Machine, which is reprinted in its entirety at, gives an overview of Java's architecture

Workshops and Seminars
Events Calendar - upcoming conferences and public seminars
Objects and Java Seminar - five day in-house course on Java
Object Design Workshop - three day in-house OO/Java design workshop
Jini and Distributed Computing - a three day in-house course on distributed computing with Jini
Objects and Patterns - five day public OO/Java design workshop taught by Bruce Eckel and Bill Venners

Object Design Corner Highlights
Recommended Design Books - descriptions of books related to OO and Java design
Design Techniques - articles about Java design
API Design - a work-in-progress book about object-oriented design with Java
Flexible Java Forum - a discussion forum with many design related topics

Jini Corner Highlights
Jini FAQ - frequently asked questions on the JINI-USERS mailing list
Links to Jini Resources - categorized list of Jini resources on the web
Jiniology - articles about Jini
Recommended Jini Books - descriptions of books about Jini and JavaSpaces
Jini Forum - discussion topics for the Jiniology articles

JVM Corner Highlights
Recommended Books - descriptions of books related to Java internals
Inside the Java 2 Virtual Machine - a programmer-oriented survey of Java's architecture and internals
Illustrative Applets- 15 Java applets that illustrate JVM concepts
Under the Hood - articles about Java internals

Java Corner Highlights
Java Answers Forum - ask and answer Java programming questions
Objects and Java - a Java tutorial work-in-progress

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