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18 replies on 2 pages. Most recent reply: Oct 13, 2005 10:50 AM by Don Dwoske

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John sundman

Posts: 2
Nickname: jsundman
Registered: Oct, 2005

standalone OpenLaszlo compiler Posted: Oct 11, 2005 12:46 PM
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Laszlo does have a standalone compiler, called lzc.

Its use is described in the release notes:

The compiler resides in the directory:

Invoke the compiler with the command:

lzc filename.lzx
This will result in creation of the file:


In the next release the SOLO documentation will be better pulled together. Sorry for the confusion.

Bruce Eckel

Posts: 875
Nickname: beckel
Registered: Jun, 2003

Re: standalone OpenLaszlo compiler Posted: Oct 11, 2005 2:14 PM
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There appear to be some classpath issues with trying to run it -- any hints?


Dave Yang

Posts: 1
Nickname: swfoo
Registered: Oct, 2005

Re: Open Laszlo Posted: Oct 11, 2005 2:22 PM
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Bruce, Macromedia's Captivate ( might be what you need to create training/presentation material that uses Flash as the delivery platform.

The nice thing about it is you can use it as is, or import the movies into Flash (the IDE) for additional customization (e.g. adding code to do whatever you need, add video and other adjustments...)

Regarding accessibility, there are lots of info at: Screen readers can be used with Flash for some time already.

There are also tons of open-source Flash tools at:

Good luck with your book and CD production.

Dave (who read your books since the early days...) 8-)

Don Dwoske

Posts: 1
Nickname: albin
Registered: Mar, 2005

Re: standalone OpenLaszlo compiler Posted: Oct 13, 2005 10:50 AM
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I had classpath issues as well. I use a homegrown script now:

set CLASSPATH=c:\opt\interweb\OpenLaszlo Server 3.0.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lps\server\build;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Serv er\lps-3.0.2\3RD-PA~1\jars\dev\SERVLE~1.JAR;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lp s-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\ACTIVA~1.JAR;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB -INF\lib\axis.jar;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\BATIK- ~1.JAR;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\COMMON~1.JAR;c:\o pt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\COMMON~2.JAR;c:\opt\interweb \OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\COMMON~3.JAR;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2 \Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\COMMON~4.JAR;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps -3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\CO6683~1.JAR;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB- INF\lib\COECE9~1.JAR;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\ftp .jar;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\ISO-RE~1.JAR;c:\opt \interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\JAKART~1.JAR;c:\opt\interweb\O PENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\jaxrpc.jar;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Ser ver\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\jdom.jar;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\W EB-INF\lib\jing.jar;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\jyth on.jar;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\LOG4J-~1.JAR;c:\o pt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\LPS-30~1.JAR;c:\opt\interweb \OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\saaj.jar;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Ser ver\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\SAXON-~1.JAR;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0 .2\WEB-INF\lib\swflib.jar;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\li b\wsdl4j.jar;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\XMLRPC~1.JA R;c:\opt\interweb\OPENLA~1.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\lib\XPP3-1~1.JAR;\lib\juni t.jar;c:\opt\interweb\OpenLaszlo Server 3.0.2\Server\lps-3.0.2\WEB-INF\classes

JAVA -DLPS_HOME="c:\opt\interweb\OpenLaszlo Server 3.0.2\Server\lps-3.0.2" org.openlaszlo.compiler.Main %

-- obviously, that's a hack and a bad way to even write the script, but I thought I'd offer it anyway... the standalone SOLO compiler needs some ease-of-use tweaks, as I mention below.

Some of this is duplicated, but I'll say it again.

- the solo compiler does create standalone .swf files that you can click on and run.. or embed in other .html pages
- the edit / compile / test cycle is NOT nearly 5 minutes. it takes me about 10 seconds to compile a sizeable laszlo application on a 1.7Ghz laptop
- see for Geert Bevin's recent presentation - save for minor RESTful problems, it's pretty good overview
- i've proposed that they improve the SOLO compilation / deployment in the next release so that there is a separate distribution for people who only want to create standalone .swf files - built using Ant or Maven, using a single .jar file with known public dependancies
- i'm using laszlo at a major biotech company for an internal LIMS system - RESTful interfaces on the server-side - and the users love it... meaning, this is not just for multi-media apps and eye candy- it's a RIA client - much easier to code than typical AJAX apps
- Laszlo apps can be integrated easily - and I mean easily - into an existing Struts, JSF, Maverick, Rife.. whatever... framework. My app is part of a larger Struts app on top of an Oracle Database.
- Some of my server-side RESTful api's use XML serialization (XStream or JOX) on top of Hibernate, and some GET's use Oracle's implementation of XSQL directly - performance and responsivness is FAST.

Of note in this space is that Flex 2.0 is on the horizon and the price is dropping to $1000 per developer... are it's extra features vs. laszlo worth the $$ .. i'd say for most people, probably not, but for some business users, it makes sense.

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