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Josh Bloch on Design
A Conversation with Effective Java Author, Josh Bloch
by Bill Venners
First Published in JavaWorld, January 4, 2002

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Improving Code Quality

Bill Venners: You also claim in your book that thinking in terms of APIs tends to improve code quality. Could you clarify why you think that.

Josh Bloch: I'm talking about programming in the large here. It's relatively easy to write high-quality code if you are tackling a reasonably sized problem. If you do a good decomposition into components, you'll be able to concentrate on one thing at a time, and you'll do a better job. So doing good programming in the large leads to good programming in the small.

Moreover, modular decomposition represents a key component of software quality. If you have a tightly coupled system, when you tweak one component, the whole system breaks. If you thought in terms of APIs, the intermodular boundaries are clear, so you can maintain and improve one module without affecting the others.

Bill Venners: Can you clarify what you mean by "programming in the large" and "programming in the small?"

Josh Bloch: By "programming in the large," I mean tackling a big problem -- a problem too big to sit down and solve with one little freestanding program; a problem big enough that it must be broken down into sub problems. "Programming in the large" involves the complexity issues inherent in a large problem. In contrast, "programming in the small" asks: How can I best sort this array of floats?

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