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Dynamic Permission Grants
A Conversation with Bob Scheifler, Part V
by Bill Venners
August 5, 2002

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Multiple JAR Files

Bill Venners: Is each JAR file loaded by one class loader?

Bob Scheifler: Each code base is loaded by one class loader. You have a code base with a whole bunch of URLs in it, or a JAR file with a bunch of class path URLs. There is one-to-one mapping between code base and class loader.

Bill Venners: If I have a JAR file that I load from some URL, and it has in it class path URLs to other JAR files, would those JAR files be loaded by the same class loader?

Bob Scheifler: That is still the same class loader. The basic assumption is that all of the subsidiary objects in your proxy will be objects from the same class loader or from a parent class loader. So I get this proxy object. I decide I trust it. Then I propagate some of my permissions to it by propagating to the combination of principals and class loader. We expect the normal case to be that every thread executes code on behalf of some subject.

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