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Jini Extensible Remote Invocation
A Conversation with Bob Scheifler, Part VI
by Bill Venners
August 12, 2002

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Extensions to Activation

Bill Venners: What extensions have you made to activation?

Bob Scheifler: We have made very small extensions to activation. It is still on our issues list whether we should abandon the current activation API and design a new one. Currently, we are living within the current activation framework with its design. We wanted secure activation to work with secure JERI. It is not just for JRMP anymore. There are a few minor wrinkles, but so far they haven't been sufficiently annoying to throw the whole thing out and start over again. There is a lot of utility in keeping with the same API you already understand. There aren't any significant extensions in terms of the programming models.

We have done a new implementation of RMID we call Phoenix. RMID is JRMP specific and it is not customizable. What we have done with Phoenix is make it highly configurable so that you can configure it to use JRMP. You can configure it to use JERI. You can configure it to use secure JERI.

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