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Tuning Performance and Process
A Conversation with Martin Fowler, Part VI
by Bill Venners
December 9, 2002

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Creating Tunable Software

Bill Venners: You say in Refactoring, "The secret to fast software in all but hard real time contexts is to write tunable software first, and then to tune it for sufficient speed. How do I make software tunable?

Martin Fowler: By making it well-factored.

Bill Venners: Why?

Martin Fowler: Because then it's easier to change.

Bill Venners: So in this case it's not easier to change for adding new functionality, but for enhancing performance of existing functionality.

Martin Fowler: Well-factored software is easier to tune. You should focus on making software well-factored and well-designed, then go through performance optimization driven by profilers.

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