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Browse User Interfaces for Jini Services
Build a JFC-Based Application for Browsing and Launching Jini Services
by Jeffrey Peden
First Published in JavaWorld, March 2001

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In this article you've learned how to create a simple ServiceUI-based Jini service and how to use services with such ServiceUI-based GUIs from a Swing-based application. We've encountered and examined some of the intricacies of mixing Jini services and Swing applications, and made design decisions based upon them.

The ServiceUI 1.0 specification defines the de facto standard for attaching user interfaces to Jini applications. It is a simple yet powerful framework for developing user-oriented distributed services and applications and, when combined with the Jini service metaphor, it has the potential to change how we view application development in a networked world.

About the Author

Jeffrey Peden is currently a Java software engineer at Virtual Ink. Prior to Virtual Ink, he performed research in the area of distributed systems engineering and network collaboration technologies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Peden holds a B.S. in computer systems engineering from that university.


"Browse User Interfaces for Jini Services" by Jeffrey Peden was originally published by JavaWorld (, copyright IDG, March 2001. Reprinted with permission.

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