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Make Room for JavaSpaces, Part III
Coordinate your Jini Apps with JavaSpaces
by Susan Hupfer
First Published in JavaWorld, March 2000

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By now you should have a sense that space-based communication and coordination is a highly flexible and natural match to the plug-and-play nature of the Jini networked environment, where entities come and go. This point will be reinforced as Eric and I cover leasing and transactions later in the series.

About the author

Susanne Hupfer recently coauthored JavaSpaces Principles, Patterns, and Practice with Eric Freeman and Ken Arnold. It is the official Sun Microsystems Jini Series book on the JavaSpaces distributed computing technology. Hupfer is the senior software engineer at Mirror Worlds Technologies, a Java- and Jini-based software applications company. In addition, Hupfer is the research affiliate at Yale University's Department of Computer Science, where she completed her Ph.D. in space-based systems. She would like to thank Freeman for his insights on the Jini game service example and Peter Sparago for his thoughtful review of the article.


"Make Room for JavaSpaces, Part III" by Susan Hupfer was originally published by JavaWorld (, copyright IDG, March 2000. Reprinted with permission.

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