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Make Room for JavaSpaces, Part IV
Explore Jini Transactions with JavaSpaces
by Eric Freeman and Susan Hupfer
First Published in JavaWorld, April 2000

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In this article, we've given you a peek at Jini's transaction model and explained specifically its use in the context of JavaSpaces. Jini transactions provide a general and powerful model for building robust distributed applications, particularly apps that need to operate safely and correctly in the presence of partial failure. While our examples used multiple transaction participants that all happened to be JavaSpace services, since Jini transactions are general you could just as easily perform operations on other Jini services under the same transactions. In addition, if you are creating Jini services, your service can implement the TransactionParticipant API to be a willing participant in distributed transactions. For further study, we refer you to the resources below.

About the Authors

Dr. Eric Freeman is currently a director of engineering at Disney's and a fellow at Yale's Center for Internet Studies. Eric recently coauthored JavaSpaces Principles, Patterns, and Practice, the official Sun Microsystems Jini Series book on JavaSpaces, along with Susanne Hupfer and Ken Arnold. Previously, Eric was CTO at Mirror Worlds Technologies, which builds products based on his work with David Gelernter at Yale University.

Dr. Susanne Hupfer is director of product development for Mirror Worlds Technologies, a Java- and Jini-based software applications company, and a research affiliate in the Department of Computer Science at Yale University, where she completed her PhD in space-based systems and distributed computing. Previously, she taught Java network programming as an assistant professor of computer science at Trinity College. Susanne coauthored the Sun Microsystems book JavaSpaces Principles, Patterns, and Practice.


"Make Room for JavaSpaces, Part IV" by Eric Freeman and Susan Hupfer was originally published by JavaWorld (, copyright IDG, April 2000. Reprinted with permission.

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