Interface AdminUI

public interface AdminUI

UI role interface implemented by Admin UIs, which enable users to administer a service. If a UI descriptor's UI factory produces a UI that implements this interface (i.e., produces a Admin UI), the UI descriptor's role field must reference a String with the value "net.jini.lookup.ui.AdminUI".

The first parameter of any factory method declared in a UI factory type is an object called the "role object." Any factory method that produces an Admin UI must accept as the role object the service item (the net.jini.core.lookup.ServiceItem) of the service with which the Admin UI is associated.

Admin UIs should allow clients to configure them before they begin. For example, Admin UIs produced by FrameFactory, JFrameFactory, WindowFactory and JWindowFactory (all members of the net.jini.lookup.ui.factory package) should not be visible when they are returned from the factory method. This allows clients to set the UI's position and size, for example, before making the UI visible by invoking setVisible(true) on the UI.

A client should be able to invoke a Admin UI factory method multiple times sequentially. In other words, if a user uses a service via a Admin UI, then says exit, then double clicks once again on the service icon, the client can just simply invoke a UI factory method again, and get another Admin UI for the same service. Admin UIs, therefore, should be written so that they work no matter what state the service object happens to be in when the Admin UI is created.

It is recommended that clients use multiple Admin UIs for the same service only sequentially, and avoid creating multiple Admin UIs for the same service that operate concurrently with one another. But because some clients may create and use multiple Admin UIs at the same time for the same service, providers of services and Admin UIs should program defensively, to ensure that multiple Admin UIs for the same service at the same time will all work together concurrently.

Field Summary
static java.lang.String ROLE
          Convenience constant to use in the role field of UIDescriptors for AdminUI role UIs.

Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String ROLE
Convenience constant to use in the role field of UIDescriptors for AdminUI role UIs. The value of this constant is "net.jini.lookup.ui.AdminUI".