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May 31, 2014
232 pages

Monadic Design Patterns for the Web
Managing scale and complexity

by L. G. Meredith

Complexity management is a major issue facing the professional programmer today. A programmer building an Internet-based application interacts with, on average, no less than a dozen technologies. These applications need nearly continuous operation: 24-7 availability in order to service hundreds to thousands of concurrent requests. Developers need the tools to manage that complexity and Monadic Design Patterns for the Web serves that need.

Monadic Design Patterns for the Web aims to demystify the monad. Using web applications as an example, this book will show you how you can apply monadic design patterns to help you solve practical, real-world programming problems. Reading this book will arm you with important techniques that will help you manage complexity.

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Table of contents

Contents vii
List of Figures x
List of Tables xi
List of Listings xii
Acknowledgments xiii
1. Motivation and Background 16 (download free sample chapter PDF)
2. Toolbox 33
3. An I/O Monad for HTTP Streams 58
4. Parsing Requests, Monadically 89
5. The Domain Model as Abstract Syntax 121
6. Zippers and Contexts and URIs, Oh My! 142
7. A Review of Collections as Monads 170
8. Domain Model, Storage, and State 201
9. Putting it All Together 217
10. The Semantic Web 219
About the Author 232

About the author

L. G. Meredith has supported his math habit by working in computing. He is co-founder of Biosimilarity, LLC, a software consultancy in the Pacific Northwest. He was the principal architect of Microsoft BizTalk's Process Orchestration offering and took on the burden of contributing to the early Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) spec (to keep it from being more of a train wreck than it was). He also worked on Microsoft's BigTop project, working on an Operating System/Programming Language pair based on process calculi. Prior to that he was one of the core members of the Carnot Team at the first industrial research consortium, the now defunct Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC). There he worked with Christine Tomlinson on Rosette/ESS, a fully reflective actor-based programming language with a high performance execution engine.

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