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Artima SuperSafe™ Scala Compiler Plugin
A stricter Scala compiler for your project

Artima SuperSafe makes the Scala compiler stricter, ensuring that certain kinds of bugs that pass the type checker are still caught at compile time. (Here's a five minute demo.)

Artima SuperSafe uses static analysis of the compiler abstract syntax tree (AST) to find potential bugs. It emits no compiler warnings, only compiler errors. Moreover, because Artima SuperSafe is designed to have no false positives, it does not provide a way to "switch off" an error locally. Instead, you configure which kinds of errors you want Artima SuperSafe to prevent with a global configuration file for your project. Essentially, Artima SuperSafe allows you to select a safer subset of Scala as a "policy" for your project.

Because Artima SuperSafe enforces a subset of Scala, it does not change the meaning of any Scala code. It just adds compiler errors where the Scala compiler would not otherwise provide them. Thus if you add Artima SuperSafe to your build, you can later easily remove it. So why not try it out? Just click on the 30 Day Free Trial button below:

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Artima SuperSafe is licensed under the Artima SuperSafe Software License Agreement.

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