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About The Journal of Spontaneous Networking
by Frank Sommers, Editor


The Journal of Spontaneous Networking is a peer-reviewed, online journal for the emerging networking community, and especially about the spontaneous element in networks. You can expect on these pages articles on specific technologies that embrace spontaneity, such as Jini, Bluetooth, Rendezvous, or JXTA. You will also find articles that illuminate some aspect of spontaneous networking from the vantage point of many technologies. We want to be practical so that knowledge you gain from this Journal will quickly make your job easier. We also wish to bring communities formed around the various spontaneous networking technologies together so that we can all share our experiences and what they taught us. Most of all, we would like to become the forum where the various communities ask the tough questions from one another, and where the answers will then lead to even better questions.

Frank Sommers

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