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Running JUnit Tests with Artima SuiteRunner
by Bill Venners
February 17, 2003

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Starting the Graphical User Interface

This article shows screenshots of Artima SuiteRunner version 1.0beta4, as it appeared on Mac OS X. To run the example JUnit test suite, type this command in the suiterunner-[release] subdirectory of the directory in which you unzipped the Artima SuiteRunner distribution ZIP file:

java -jar suiterunner-[release].jar accountjunit.srj

When you type the previous command, you should see:

Figure 1. Without junit.jar in the runpath, the run aborts.

When you first start Artima SuiteRunner with the previous command, it attempts to run the TestCase mentioned in the recipe file. As shown in Figure 1, this initial run attempt aborts. To see the information shown in Figure 1 in the Details text area, click on "Run Aborted" in the Reports list. The details indicate that Artima SuiteRunner aborted your requested run because it couldn't find class junit.framework.TestCase.

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