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Getting Started with Artima SuiteRunner
How to Run the Simple Example Included with the Distribution
by Bill Venners
February 3, 2003

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Debugging a Failed Test

The glaring red progress bar seen in Figure 1 indicates that some insidious bug or bugs in the account example caused two tests to fail. To find out more about a report, select the item in the Reports list. Details of that report will show up in the Details text area:

Figure 2. Getting details of a failed test.

Fixing the bug that caused these tests to fail is left as an exercise for you. If you scroll down in the details, you'll find a stack trace of a thrown exception that should help you find and fix the bug. Once you fix the bug and recompile the class or classes you changed, you can simply press the Run button again to see if your fixes have solved the problem.

Figure 3 shows the View menu, which lets you select which kinds of reports you wish to view in the reports list. The GUI begins its life with a default selection of just Runs and Failures. Runs and Failures means that only Run Starting, Test Failed, Suite Aborted, Run Aborted, Run Stopped, or Run Completed reports will appear in the list. Via the View menu, you can individually select which reports you want to see in the reports list, or you can quickly select Runs and Failures or All Reports.

Figure 3. Selecting All Reports from the View Menu.

The result of selecting All Reports in the View menu is shown in Figure 4. As you can see, different kinds of reports are denoted with small ball icons of different colors. Suite Starting and Completed are marked with a cyan icon. Run Starting, Stopped, and Completed are marked with gray icons. Test Starting is purple. Test Succeeded is green. Test Failed, Suite Aborted, and Run Aborted are all red (and the text is red for these report types too).

Figure 4. Viewing all reports in the reports list.

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