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Closing the Hood
Author Bids Farewell to Longtime Column
by Bill Venners
First Published in JavaWorld, November 1997

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Topical index of Under the Hood articles
Following is a list of all the Under the Hood articles, grouped chronologically, and, not surprisingly, by topic. The first three Under the Hood articles gave introductions to the virtual machine, the class file, and garbage collection.

The instruction set of the Java language
The bulk of the Under the Hood articles cover the JVM's instruction set. In addition to describing the opcodes and how they work, these articles use the instruction set to give insights into the Java language. Marimba's Castanet and IBM's Aglets
Three times in the course of writing the Under the Hood articles I diverged from the Java virtual machine proper to cover applications of Java that I found interesting. Both of these applications, Marimba's Castanet and IBM's Aglets, take advantage of one of the aspects of the Java virtual machine's architecture that is important for everyday Java programmers to understand: class loaders. Coverage of the JVM's security model
The final four articles of Under the Hood give an overview of the security model built into the Java virtual machine's architecture.

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