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Closing the Hood
Author Bids Farewell to Longtime Column
by Bill Venners
First Published in JavaWorld, November 1997

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What's next?
In a few months, I plan to begin another book project and related JavaWorld column. This time I'm going to focus on real-world programming techniques, with an emphasis on creating good designs. My working title for this project is Flexible Java: Java Design Guidelines and Idioms.

Over the years, I've worked with many languages and environments and with many programmers of varied backgrounds. I've been exposed to various methodologies and have put them into practice. I've done fresh designs. I've fixed bugs and made enhancements in existing code. Through reading books, talking with colleagues, and trying to get things to actually work, I've developed strategies and techniques that I rely on in everyday commercial programming practice.

With my next book, Flexible Java, I'd like to take what I know about Java, combine that with what I know about programming in general, and write a book that really gets to the heart of Java programming. I plan to write a practical guide to the successful use of Java in real-world, commercial environments.

As I write the book, I plan to publish the entire text of the work-in-progress on my own Web site so I can get feedback and participation from the Java community. The work-in-progress Web site will be posted at In addition, in JavaWorld each month I plan to publish an article that is based on material from the book.

For a first look at Flexible Java's table of contents and my preliminary ideas for the upcoming column, visit

A thank you
I want to say thanks to the readers of my Under the Hood articles. I hope you found them useful.

Thanks especially to those who submitted feedback, either through e-mail or through the comment boxes at the bottom of each JavaWorld article. The feedback, especially criticism, was very helpful.

In my next writing project, I hope to increase my interaction with readers, so please feel free to send in those comments. To start with, I welcome comments on my Flexible Java book and column proposal, which you can find at

I expect to start the new JavaWorld column in a few months. Until then, have fun programming in Java, but don't work too much. Life is short.


About the author
Bill Venners has been writing software professionally for 12 years. Based in Silicon Valley, he provides software consulting and training services under the name Artima Software Company. Over the years he has developed software for the consumer electronics, education, semiconductor, and life insurance industries. He has programmed in many languages on many platforms: assembly language on various microprocessors, C on Unix, C++ on Windows, Java on the Web. He is author of the book: Inside the Java Virtual Machine, published by McGraw-Hill. Reach Bill at

This article was first published under the name Closing the Hood in JavaWorld, a division of Web Publishing, Inc., November 1997.

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