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A network of interacting developer communities
  • 2.1 million page views per month1
  • 450,000 unique users per month
  • Over 40,000 registered users
  • 3.2 million RSS feed hits per month
An audience rich in enterprise developers
  • 75% develop enterprise software
  • 72% work with Java
  • 77% work with databases
  • 65% work with J2EE
Software developers and their managers
  • 87% actively develop software
  • 30% involved in project management
  • 30% senior-level architect
  • 10% senior management
Influential in purchasing decisions
  • 59% recommend or select a product
  • 50% determine need for a product
  • 48% examine product specs
  • 38% recommend / select vendor

1. Site statistics based on May 2006 server logs and December 2004 user survery.

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