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About The C++ Source
by Chuck Allison, Editor

The C++ Source is a peer-reviewed, online journal for the C++ community. As its name implies, it is the authoritative source for C++ information on the web. Its advisory board consists of some of the best-known names in the C++ industry, including the language's designer, Bjarne Stroustrup. The graphic on our home page is a photo of the forest near Aarhus, Denmark, where Bjarne was wont to pass time in his youth (the C++ source indeed!).

In October 2003 I began a dialog with these C++ gurus about what they would like to see in a C++ publication. After many months of in-depth discussion there emerged our idea of The C++ Source, an online Zine for the C++ community. The vision is to provide reliable, timely information to practicing C++ professionals. The Advisory Board consists of the C++ luminaries listed on our home page. All articles are reviewed by members of the Advisory Board to ensure quality (the initial articles are by members of the board themselves). In addition to feature articles, we will have articles pertaining to the philosophy and direction of C++ programming and related topics, tutorials for beginners, and a news section. The web venue will give us the needed flexibility to respond to community needs as they come to our attention. The ultimate goal is to be The Trusted Source for C++ information available on the web. If you would like to write for The C++ Source, please visit the Write For Us link on our home page.

Chuck Allison has over 20 years of industrial software development experience, and is currently a professor of Computer Science at Utah Valley State College. He was a contributing member of the C++ Standards Committee throughout the 1990s and designed std::bitset. He was a contributing editor for the C/C++ Users Journal from 1992-2001 and Senior Editor from 2001-2003. Chuck has been a regular lecturer at Software Development Conference for over 10 years, and is author of C & C++ Code Capsules: A Practitioner's Guide (Prentice-Hall, 1998), and co-author with Bruce Eckel of Thinking in C++, Volume 2: Practical Programming (Prentice-Hall, 2004). His company, Fresh Sources, Inc., offers training and mentoring in C++ and Java development.

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