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Java: Evolutionary Dead End

92 replies on 7 pages. Most recent reply: Jan 3, 2008 9:06 AM by Bruce Eckel

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Roy Dow

Posts: 1
Nickname: enosparks
Registered: Mar, 2008

Re: Java: Evolutionary Dead End Posted: Mar 22, 2008 4:53 AM
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I just happened upon all this. I'd like to learn a language. Java; someone said. Now there is all this negative stuff. Why aren't sun talking to all you guys at an unconference. Does everyone get so wrapped up in ...stuff they loose the vision.
What is Scala :-)( novices eh! ). What should I begin with. Something easy, to use and quick to build with. Is Java now a waste. Will it die. Why not all go to an unconference and design a language that sorts out all these problems. Aren't you the ones who are supposed to know ?

B Johnston

Posts: 1
Nickname: javajak
Registered: Apr, 2008

Re: Java: Evolutionary Dead End Posted: Apr 4, 2008 9:51 AM
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I have personally found that Generics in Java are easily the most difficult part of the language that I have attempted to learn, to date, after 11 years learning and using.

I don't come from a C++ background so I never knew "what I was missing".

I think it's still not to late to yank the feature back out and simply dispense with it; while in theory it makes good sense to have this compiler "safeguard" in place, I agree that it should have been done since inception or not at all. In this case - not at all would win my vote.

Personally, just as "you can not legislate morality", you can't make a computer language that "catches" every possible programmer error.

Bottom line - let the programmer handle this!


Leon Brown

Posts: 1
Nickname: lebros
Registered: May, 2008

Re: Java: Evolutionary Dead End Posted: May 1, 2008 9:50 AM
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I've just spent 4 weeks on my first serious Java app.
I was amazed by the feature bloat and eploited it by nearly building the Java OS out of it! Am I only the only person to find reassurance in Java not being updated for some time now and backwards compatibility? An 80Mb library of redistributables for free is not to be sniffed. However, I fear it is a two edged sword and leading people to look for lower levels to build upon where the support is stronger. Having read this that will be foremost when in my mind when I choose my next language. Forgotten a lot of the article now as it took 20 mins to register...

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