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Carlos Villela

Posts: 116
Nickname: cvillela
Registered: Jun, 2003

Carlos Villela is a Java developer working mostly with web technologies and AOP.
Whiteboards Posted: Aug 15, 2003 8:31 AM
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Yeah, yesterday was awesome. Woke up - spontaneously! - in the morning, had some good breakfast (something I haven't had in the past 3 or 4 years, then I went to meet a possible client who's in trouble with a Flash GUI for his app and wants to ditch it in favour of something more 'solid'. Swing or SWT/JFace could work, here, but I'm not even slightly interested in coding GUIs ever again, and even less in messing up with JavaComm to control a serial printer, which his POSs use to print receipts. If someone's interested in coding this, drop me a note.

After the meeting, I had a wonderful lunch with some old-time friends. Few things beat eating junk food and chatting nonsense with friends you know since the ages. It's fun to notice that, when you know someone for a long time and are still friends, most part of the talks you have are just gross and unpolite insults, which if were ever taken seriously, would make the two of you mortal enemies for life.

Back home, and then, after hacking on Inectis up a bit, and looking at all the wonderful things Jonas and Alex put in the new AspectWerkz release, I went to a friend's apartment where some GUJ folks (Paulo, Rafael, Guilherme, Luis - btw, you guys are awesome) were discussing a new framework they're developing. Whiteboards surrounded us, whiteboards full of sketchy UML, half-written method invocations, semi-disassembled class files, full of interesting thoughts and things. Laptops all over the place, everyone showing theirs off like moms proud of their little babies. We were getting louder and louder, the conversations getting really heated, and somehow I started to show some bits and pieces of Inectis to them. Inectis

I agreed, started up Tomcat, went to the still-very-alpha Inectis Admin Console (better names, anyone?) and started to play around with the objects, adding and removing things here and there, and showing them how everything was being done under the hood.

"Yay, this is great stuff, but surely needs some improvement to user-friendliness", someone said.
"Yeah, definitely does, but you know what? I'm only doing this because I felt obligued to. I could just use the JavaScript console and be fine with it".
"JavaScript console?", I hear. Shit, I forgot some of them don't read blogs, so they obviously missed my earlier posts.

I open up the magic JS Console, and start typing like mad.

js> e = Packages.inectis.plugins.core.entities.EntryPoint()
js> h = e.homePage
(Prevayler starts his work and loads up the introductions from the transaction logs)

"Fuck, Carlos, you're not going to show me that's possible to do anything in the system just using a simple JavaScript interpreter without driving anyone insane!" Yeah, it is possible, really.

I kept messing around with the console a little bit more, and judging from their faces, they were liking it so far... good to know that, and insanity was not hitting anyone.

Then we went on to discuss about how one could manage forms and data entry using Inectis. What the fuck, I thought... Inectis was meant to be about content management, and now we're discussing generic data entry and form mapping? Wee, this is getting more and more interesting to me. It is, indeed, possible, to manage these things, given Inectis' architecture, but that definitely was not on my plans. Well, now researching that is on my top priorities... I'll let you guys know if I come up with anything interesting :)

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