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Some JDBI 3 Noodling

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Brian McCallister

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Some JDBI 3 Noodling Posted: Dec 10, 2012 10:39 PM
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I grabbed the most recent build of jdk8 w/ lambdas tonight and started noodling on jdbi 3, which will require Java 8.

Set<Something> things = jdbi.withHandle(h -> {
    h.execute("insert into something (id, name) values (?, ?)", 1, "Brian");
    h.execute("insert into something (id, name) values (?, ?)", 2, "Steven");

    return h.query("select id, name from something")
            .map(rs -> new Something(rs.getInt(1), rs.getString(2)))
            .into(new HashSet<Something>());

assertThat(things).isEqualTo(ImmutableSet.of(new Something(1, "Brian"),
                                             new Something(2, "Steven")));

The Stream interface is kind of heavy to implement as it stands right now, and I couldn’t get IDEA 12 and the JDK to agree on valid syntax. Neither one wants to let me omit the <Something> in the .into(new HashSet<Something>()); line, which the most recent State of the Collections implies I should be able to.

It would be really nice if the lambda syntax sugar would quietly drop return values when it is auto-converting to a Block without the { ... } – I had to make some things accept a Function rather then a Block even though I ignore the return value, this will then bite you when you use something that doesn’t have a return value. Java has side effects, sometimes we call a function which returns a value just for the side effects.

All told, I like the changes so far quite a bit despite my quibbles :-)

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