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The Best of method_missing

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Red Handed

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Red Handed is a Ruby-focused group blog.
The Best of method_missing Posted: Feb 3, 2005 1:08 PM
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I never use method_missing. Maybe twice. And both times I didn’t use it, regretted it, forcefully ejected the code from a moving vehicle, shed nary a tear.

And yet, there’s so many great uses for method_missing out there. If I may, a few of my favorite. And if you will, please, a few of yours?

  • XMLRPC::Client::Proxy will pass its method calls directly onto the service. You can even specific a prefix, which makes the whole thing a little more psuedo-OO.
    >> require 'xmlrpc/client'
    >> system = XMLRPC::Client.
         new2( "" ).
         proxy( "system" )
    >> system.listMethods
    => ["meerkat.getChannels", "meerkat.getCategories", ...]
    Naturally, DRb does similarly.
  • Builder::XmlBase translates method calls into XML tags.
     >> require 'rubygems'
     >> require_gem 'builder'
     >> builder =>STDOUT, :indent=>2)
     >> builder.person { |b|"Jim");"555-1234") }
  • Hash with Attrs (halfway down the page) is kind of neat. Make your Hashes act like JavaScript objects.
     class Hash
       def method_missing(meth,*args)
         if /=$/=~(meth=meth.id2name) then
           self[meth[0...-1]] = (args.length<2 ? args[0] : args)

How do you use method_missing? Blow our minds post-haste.

Read: The Best of method_missing

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