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Sam Gentile

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Nickname: managedcod
Registered: Sep, 2003

Sam Gentile is a Microsoft .NET Consultant who has been working with .NET since the earliest
New and Notable 10 Posted: Sep 16, 2003 6:51 AM
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Feed Description: .NET and Software Development from an experienced perspective - .NET/CLR, Rotor, Interop, MC+/C++, COM+, ES, Mac OS X, Extreme Programming and More!
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Sitting here with my Peets (has anyone noticed that its even stronger than StarBucks?), trying to wake up, I look around to see what's going on.

  • Microsoft Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003 is available up on MSDN Subscriber Downloads. It includes Word. Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, InfoPath, and Publisher. I am pleased that InfoPath is included but a little disapointed that OneNote is not as I have grown rather fond of it to take notes at meetings and such (I used it in Redmond). I hope it will be available as a separate download soon.
  • Werner has an extremely interesting post on Method Size and CLI Performance. He is porting the Java Grande Benchmarks to the CLI. One of the conclusions that the ability of the JIT to optimize code was central to getting decent performance. One of the code organization strategies is the size of a method. This is very important work and will be presented at the Rotor SSCLI 2003 conference (Runtime error at link right now).
  • Werner also reports on the State of Database Research. Evidently every 5 years a metting takes place of high level researchers inb the field. Check his link for a PDF report that is well worth reading.
  • Miguel has some choice .NET material on his must-read blog. One of these is some interesting comparions between Java and .NET. Also of interest to CLI/CLR people is a post on P/Invoke Limitations. Miguel continues to impress me as one of the smartest CLI/CLR persons on the planet.
  • Ok, so I'm late. I finally saw the whole Red Vs. Blue thing yesterday at work and it was one of the funniest things I have seen in years! We played the famous Balmer “Developer, Developer...“ section over and over.
  • Brad shares some clarification on Enums in the CLR
  • David McNamee has an excellent post on the public Whidbey information for VB.NET
  • Don has been posting an API of the Day. All of these posts are well worth reading with essentail information. Of particular note is System.EnterpriseServces.ServiceDomain.
  • Christian attempts to piece together public information and speculation on Indigo and attempts to come to some ideas on what it might be. Interesting. This should be one of the most compelling parts of PDC.
  • John has a whole bunch of great posts lately on Win2K3, build systems and ASP.NET. I'm not going to put an individual link because you should read them all!! Talking to John the other day on the phone, it seems like he is looking into the whole issue if real build systems, particularly in the very tough problem of ASP.NET with the issue of strong-named assemblies.

I have been extremely busy lately with work, articles, and such but hope to have som eoriginal material soon. I would like to pick up my articles/posts on IIS 6.0 Architecture and Worker Processor Mode, as well as my Rotor/CLI investigations on both the Mac and PC. For now, remember it's Developer, Developer, Developer! not 35 times but 37! -)

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