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scalatest + jenkins + sbt

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pierre schaus

Posts: 1
Nickname: pschaus
Registered: Jul, 2012

scalatest + jenkins + sbt Posted: Jul 16, 2012 7:43 AM
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Hello Bill,

I'm currently using a plugin (listener) to have the xml output and have my test results nicely presented in Jenkins.
But I would prefer to remove this dependency and have it done by scalatest itself.
Do you have plans to implement that?
Thank you in advance,


Bill Venners

Posts: 2284
Nickname: bv
Registered: Jan, 2002

Re: scalatest + jenkins + sbt Posted: Jul 16, 2012 11:33 AM
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Hi Pierre,

Yes, the issue there has always been that sbt doesn't have a notion of a run. One thing we've done is submitted an enhancement to sbt that does. That is apparently not going into sbt 0.12 though, unfortunately, though I'm going to lobby for that at Scalathon.

Runner has been able to generate JUnit XML for years, and so one thing you can do is set up a task for your continuous integration (CI) run that invokes ScalaTest directly. I'm guessing you don't need the JUnit XML during development builds, just CI builds?

I almost put in a feature in 1.7 to do this, and backed it out at the last minute because of a lack of documentation of a Java API that creates a directory. It didn't say what would happen if two people try to create the directory at the same time. Probably it would work, but it was very close to the release, and people have a work-around meantime, so I dropped it. If the new Framework API really isn't going in until sbt 0.13, though, we will need to release the interim feature.

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