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Inside the Java Virtual Machine
JVM Resources


A list of recommended books covering topics covered by Inside the Java Virtual Machine is available at Books Related to the JVM.

Java Class File Obfuscation

Further Reading about Java Security

Further Reading about Network Mobility

Here are a few articles I wrote for JavaWorld that describe other forms of network-mobile Java code:

An Audio Impression

Here's an applet that provides an audio impression of the way software feels now that it is free to zip across the network as class files. Just press the Flying Class Files button:

For some reason your browser won't let you view (or hear) this way cool Java applet.

Further Reading on the Java Virtual Machine


Further Reading on Class Files

Tools for Viewing Class Files

Tools for Manipulating Class Files

Libraries for Parsing/Generating Class Files

Further Reading on the Lifetime of a Class

Further Reading on the Linking Model

Further Reading about Garbage Collection

For an in-depth treatment of garbage collection, check out the book Garbage Collection: Algorithms for Automatic Dynamic Memory Management by Richard Jones and Rafael Lins.

Here are three papers that give good general overviews of garbage collection:

Further Reading on Bytecodes

Bytecode Assemblers

Further Reading on Threads and Monitors

A proposal for revising the specification of Java Threads is at:

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