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A Conversation with Martin Fowler
by Bill Venners
December 9, 2002


In this six-part interview, Martin Fowler, chief scientist at Thoughtworks, Inc. and author of numerous books on software design and process, discusses refactoring, design, testing, and extreme programming.

Part I: Refactoring with Martin Fowler
Martin Fowler on the business case for refactoring and testing, and the interplay between refactoring, design, and reliability.
Part IV: Flexibility and Complexity
Martin Fowler on how to combat design decay, the cost of flexibility and reusability, four criteria for a simple system, and test-first design of interfaces.
Part II: Design Principles and Code Ownership
Martin Fowler on design principles of avoiding duplication, separating presentation and domain logic, being explicit, and describes how refactoring depends on code ownership.
Part V: Test-Driven Development
Martin Fowler on the unhurried quality of test-first design and monological thinking, and the difference between unit and functional testing.
Part III: Evolutionary Design
Martin Fowler on planned and evolutionary design, refactoring bad smells in code, and how good design can help you program faster.
Part VI: Tuning Performance and Process
Martin Fowler on balancing maintainability and efficiency, creating tunable software, the role of patterns, and the Agile Software Manifesto.

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