Interface Link

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UnicastDiscoveryLink, URLLink, MulticastDiscoveryLink

public interface Link

Represents a link to a service on the network. The result of any successful link activation is a Jini service item, passed to the ActivationClient via the activationSucceeded method.

Method Summary
 LinkActivation activate(ActivationClient activationClient)
          Retrieve this service.

Method Detail


public LinkActivation activate(ActivationClient activationClient)
Retrieve this service. The activate method will return promptly, returning a LinkActivation object that enables clients to abort an activation. Invoking activate again while an activation is currently in progress just starts a new activation independent of the already running one.
activationClient - the ActivationClient that will notified when this link activation completes
the LinkActivation object with which the client can interact with this activation of this Link
NullPointerException - if passed activationClient is null