Serialized Form

Package net.jini.lookup.entry

Class net.jini.lookup.entry.UIDescriptor implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


java.util.Set attributes
A set of objects that describe the UI generated by the marshalled UI factory.


java.rmi.MarshalledObject factory
The get() method of this MarshalledObject must return an object that implements one or more UI factory interfaces. The actual UI factory type or types implemented by the returned object must be described by a UIFactoryTypes attribute placed in the attributes set of this UIDescriptor.


java.lang.String role
Gives the fully qualified name of the interface that represents the role of the UI generated by the marshalled UI factory. If the client program unmarshals the UI factory and invokes a factory method, the UI returned by the factory method must implement the role the interface specified by role.

For a client program to be able to use a UI, the client has to have prior knowledge of the UI semantics, which is defined by the UI's role type. Thus, for a client to be able to use a UI, the client must understand the semantics of the type whose fully qualified name is given in the String referenced from the role field of that UI's UIDescriptor.

For example, two role types that are defined in the net.jini.lookup.ui package by the Jini Service UI Specification are MainUI, for a main UI to a Jini service, and AdminUI, for an administration UI. Other role types may be defined by the Jini Service UI Specification and by individual Jini service API specifications.

As the strings referenced from the role field are Java type names, they are intended to be manipulated by client programs only. They should not be shown to a user.


java.lang.String toolkit
A String to facilitate searching whose value represents the main UI toolkit (for example Swing or AWT) which the produced UI makse use of. The value to which this field should be set is defined in by the semantics of the factory type. (This field is intended to facilitate searches. For example, a client can search for all blender services that have Swing MainUI's.)

Package net.jini.lookup.ui.attribute

Class net.jini.lookup.ui.attribute.AccessibleUI implements Serializable

Class net.jini.lookup.ui.attribute.Locales implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


java.util.Set supportedLocales

Class net.jini.lookup.ui.attribute.RequiredPackages implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


java.util.Map requiredPackages

Class net.jini.lookup.ui.attribute.UIFactoryTypes implements Serializable

Serialized Fields


java.util.Set typeNames