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Adaption Software
Adaption Software helps development teams become more agile through training, consulting, and mentoring on test-driven development and other practices of Extreme Programming.

BEA dev2dev
Explore BEA dev2dev to access free downloads, code samples, tutorials, white papers, technical articles, newsgroups, and other resources that will help you get the most out of WebLogic Server, WebLogic Workshop, and other BEA technologies.

Crystal Developer Zone
A content resource for Crystal software tailored specifically to the needs of developers and IT professional that are integrating Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise with applications.

GigaSpaces Platform, the first commercial implementation of JavaSpaces, is a software infrastructure for developing real time, clustered and synchronized distributed applications and services. By using the GigaSpaces Platform, applications today facilitates the vision of Be Local SYNC Global, and can access shared and global information with great speed as if accessed from the local memory!

IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing
The IEEE Computer Society's Task Force on Cluster Computing is an international forum promoting cluster computing research and education. It participates in helping to set up and promote technical standards in that area. The Task Force is concerned with issues related to the design, analysis, development and implementation of cluster-based systems. The Task Force's Newsletter,, is published bi-monthly.

IntaMission allows existing applications to collaborate and share information in a way that gives business a flexibility previously not possible without the total change of systems and existing processes.

JavaRanch is a friendly place for Java greenhorns. The site includes some of the most active Java forums on the internet, campfire stories like "Getting in Touch With Your Inner Class" and "How I Taught My Dog Polymorphism", book reviews, code samples, programming exercises, recruiter directory and more!

Just one bookmark for all feeds from Java News, Articles and Blogs.

MerchantSpace is a mid-market Java shopping cart solution that enables businesses to receive the key benefits of enterprise Java e-commerce software without the enterprise price tag.

SourceBeat is the innovative new model of technical publishing. Focused entirely on open source projects, SourceBeat's subscription-based solution calls for constantly updated content, ensuring that readers always have the most current information on leading technologies such as Eclipse, Struts, Axis, PostgreSQL, Spring and a host of others.

Tangosol is an industry leader in delivering data clustering, grid computing and caching solutions to the companies building and running mission-critical enterprise J2EE applications and application components. Tangosol's software products are recognized for their unparalleled quality, reliability and ability to provide consistent scalability under heavy load and are actively tested and supported on leading platforms and server operating systems. is an online community focused on the practice of Test-Driven Development. is an online community for enterprise Java architects and developers, providing daily news, tech talk interviews with key industry figures, design patterns, discussion forums, satire, tutorials, and more. was launched in May 2000 and has become the largest independent Java community in the world. is owned an operated by The Middleware Company (TMC), part of TMC's TheServerSide Communities vision.

TheServerSide.NET is an online community for enterprise .NET architects and developers, providing daily news, tech talk interviews with key industry figures, technical cases studies discussion forums, satire, tutorials, and more. While other sites are resource centers with low-level "tips and tricks," TheServerSide.NET community is exclusively focused on enterprise development issues from an architectural perspective. TheServerSide.NET is owned and operated by The Middleware Company (TMC) part of TMC's TheServerSide Communities vision.

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