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May 24, 2013
529 pages (eBook)
XXVIII, 521 pages (Paper book)

Akka Concurrency
Building reliable software in a multi-core world

by Derek Wyatt

Writing truly concurrent software on the Java Virtual Machine just got a whole lot easier. The Akka Toolkit takes the sting out of coding for multiple cores, multiple processors, and even multiple machines.

Akka Concurrency will show you what it means to design and write software in the paradigm of Akka. You'll learn how to think about your software in new and exciting ways that will allow you to express your designs naturally, allowing you to focus on the business of your software more than on the concurrency of it. This book picks up where the Akka documentation leaves off, exploring the how and the why of Akka, in a way that will empower you to grow your applications to new levels of scalability, responsiveness, and performance.

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Table of contents

Contents ix
List of Figures xv
Foreword xix
Acknowledgments xxi
Introduction xxiii
1. WhyAkka? 1
2. Concurrency and Parallelism 11
3. Setting Up Akka 37
4. Akka Does Concurrency 41 (download free sample chapter PDF)
5. Actors 69
6. Akka Testing 107
7. Systems, Contexts, Paths, and Locations 133
8. Supervision and Death Watch 157
9. Being Stateful 207
10. Routing Messages 259
11. Dispatchers and Mailboxes 293
12. Coding in the Future 309
13. Networking with IO 357
14. Going Multi-Node with Remote Actors 367
15. Sharing Data with Agents 403
16. Granular Concurrency with Dataflow 419
17. Patterns for Akka Programming 429
18. Antipatterns for Akka Programming 461
19. Growing Your App with Add-On Modules 475
20. Using Akka from Java 485
21. Now that You're an Akka Coder 503
Bibliography 505
About the author 507
Index 509

About the author

Derek Wyatt is a Software Architect and Developer specializing in large-scale, real-time applications for the World Wide Web. He's been working with Akka since the early days of 1.0 and has used it to implement a number of applications both large and small. After spending many years writing large concurrent systems in C++ using traditional concurrency mechansims, Derek now embraces the sophisticated, and beautiful simplicity of the paradigm presented in the Akka Toolkit. He also harbours a love of the Vim text editor and the Unix command line that borders on the unhealthy.

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