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Prescriptions, Proscriptions, and Prognostications
Introductions: Rants, Ravings and Ruminations
by Matthew Wilson
April 10, 2005
Just an introduction to the blog and its author. Interests, approaches, current and future work, etc.


Hi. Welcome to my first entry on my first blog. Although I've done a fair amount of writing in recent years, I've never tried the weblog format before, so I'll appreciate any help in avoiding my tendency to "too many words". AFAIUI, blogs are free form, and can range from nutty rantings, to self-promotion, to informative and pre-article technical discussions. I think I'm likely to have a mix of all four. Since I'm constantly being told that there's a little too much of my personality in my books/columns/articles, maybe the overspill can be dealt with here.

My experience is roughly 12 years C/C++, with a strong focus on high-performance/communications systems, and mixed languages/technologies. I write columns for C/C++ Users Journal and (with my good friend and co-conspirator Bjorn Karlsson) The C++ Source, and have written 1.5 books on C++, the first 1.0 of which - Imperfect C++ ( - was published by Addison-Wesley in Oct 2004 (and has received some rather nice feedback). Although I'm wont to flights of template-programming fancy, I'm primarily a pragmatist, and am constantly on the lookout for ways to simplify people's use of C++. I'm also a huge fan of Ruby, and often try to make C++ and D (my other main language interest) more like Ruby, with mixed success.

I'm also one of those supposedly wise fellows who feels increasingly ignorant the more he learns, which I think is a good thing. It sure feels odd, though ...

For the edification of anyone who's kind enough to be interested, I'll give a brief (!) update of where I'm at, and what I'm working towards this year.

What's been happening:

What's happening now:

After a very intensive six months of work - some of those crazy 80+ hour weeks - I've taken another few months off to work on my next books and other things, including:

What's yet to happen

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