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Heron-Centric: Ruminations of a Language Designer
Typesafe Enums in C++
by Christopher Diggins
June 17, 2005
Recently Maksym Motornyy proposed on the Boost mailing list, a macro library for typesafe enums. This is not the first time someone has suggested macros for enhancing macros. I wish to demonstrate that you don't have to resort to macros for typesafe enums.


C++ enums are well-known to be not-typesafe. They look like type declarations, but are in fact simply integer constants. Their existance in C++ is vestigial, and they should not be used. On the other hand true enumerated types are themselves very useful. Here is a technique for implementing true enumerations in C++:

template<typename T, int N>
struct enumerator {
  const static int value = N;
  typedef enumerator<T, N + 1> next;

struct weekday
  // self typedef
  typedef weekday self;

  // 'ctors
  template<int N>
  weekday(const enumerator<self, N>& x) : value(N) { }
  weekday(const self& x) : value(x.value) { }

  // enumerations
  typedef enumerator<self, 0> mon;
  typedef mon::next tue;
  typedef tue::next wed;
  typedef wed::next thu;
  typedef thu::next fri;
  typedef fri::next sat;
  typedef sat::next sun;
  typedef sun::next end_day;

  // operators
  self& operator++(int) { ++value; return *this; }
  self& operator--(int) { --value; return *this; }
  self operator++() { self tmp = *this; ++value; return tmp; }
  self operator--() { self tmp = *this; --value; return tmp; }
  friend bool operator==(const weekday& x, const weekday& y) { return x.value == y.value; }
  friend bool operator!=(const weekday& x, const weekday& y) { return x.value != y.value; }
  operator int() const { return value; }

  // static functions
  static mon begin() { return mon(); }
  static end_day end() { return end_day(); }

  // fields
  int value;

void weekday_reaction(const weekday& x) {
  switch (x)
    case (weekday::mon::value) :
      std::cout << "doh! monday" << std::endl;
    case (weekday::tue::value) :
      std::cout << "doh! tuesday" << std::endl;
    case (weekday::wed::value) :
      std::cout << "doh! hump-day" << std::endl;
    case (weekday::thu::value) :
      std::cout << "woohoo! day before friday" << std::endl;
    case (weekday::fri::value) :
      std::cout << "woohoo! friday" << std::endl;
    case (weekday::sat::value) :
      std::cout << "woohoo! saturday" << std::endl;
    case (weekday::sun::value) :
      std::cout << "doh! church!" << std::endl;
      std::cout << "whatcha talkin' 'bout willis?" << std::endl;

int main()
  // weekday_reaction(42); does not compile

  for (weekday wd = weekday::begin(); wd != weekday::end(); wd++) {

  return 0;

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