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Heron-Centric: Ruminations of a Language Designer
The Temporary Assignment Problem and Transfer Semantics
by Christopher Diggins
August 30, 2005
In languages like C++, functions return temporary stack allocated values which can be very inefficient. I am using a technique on Heron which I call transfer semantics to provide a work-around.


In Heron and C++ functions return stack allocated temporary values. This means that code like the following ends up being suboptimal:

class MyBigClass 
    // the overloaded = operator
    _eq(self x) 
      m = new OtherBigClass(x.m);
    OtherBigClass^ m; // owner pointer

f() : MyBigClass {

  MyBigClass x;
  x = f(); // inefficient
In Heron return values from a function are a special kind of template called a temporary<T>. This means I can instead write an optimized assign for when assigning from function results which would like the following:
    // = operator, overloaded for temporaries
    _eq(temporary<self> x) 
      transfer(m, x.m);
The temporary<T> type will behave exactly like T, it simply identifies the value as a temporary so the programmer can write more intelligent code. I call this transfer semantics, but I might be misuing the term. Any thoughts on the approach and terminology?

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