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Heron-Centric: Ruminations of a Language Designer
Implicit Casting, Good or Evil?
by Christopher Diggins
September 12, 2005
Currently Heron is not allowing implicit casting to function arguments. I am trying to decide whether this is a good thing.


In C++ you can write the following:

struct A {
 A(int n) : m(n) { }
 int m; 

void f(A x) {

void g() {
  int n = 42;
This is handy, a temporary is created which gets passed to f. In a trivial example like this there is really no confusion. When there are multiple overloads of functions, then things get increasingly confusing. In non-trivial software it is very common for even experienced C++ programmers like myself, to get caught by implicit conversion bugs.

Currently Heron prevents implicit casting through constructors. It makes the code slightly more verbose, but I wonder if this is a worthwhile price to pay for increased safety and maintainability.

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