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Heron-Centric: Ruminations of a Language Designer
Representing Units of Measure
by Christopher Diggins
September 23, 2005
Various musings about how to deal with units of measure in the Heron graphics library.


I am [hopefully] laying the foundation for the standard graphical library for Heron and I have been learning about Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). I am trying to keep my fingers on the pulses of various technologies in order to ensure easy interoperability. For instance, it would be nice if the various primitive drawing functions could be done just as easily to a bitmap, as to an SVG file.

Anyway, that said, one thing I notice about SVG, HTML, CSS, etc., is that they usually support multiple units of measure: pixels, cm, inches, points, and percent. Most library API's I am familiar with only give one option: pixels. This raises some of the following questions:

I am only scratching the surface of the topic of units of measure. In physics units of measure are a very big deal. For those interested in further exploring the topic of units of measure as types, here are some related links:

As usual, any ideas or suggestions are most welcome.

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