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Eureka: Forget Interfaces what I really need are Traits!
by Christopher Diggins
December 29, 2005
I was working on specifying separate mixin and interface types, when I remembered Scala Traits / Ruby Modules.


It just dawned on me as I was working on a mixin specification, that the Ruby and Scala solutions are far more elegant than what I was moving towards. Thanks to Keith Gaughan for jogging my memory on this point.

I am less familiar with Ruby Modules ( ) , but as far as I can tell it is pretty much the same thing as the trait in Scala ( ) : essentially a stateless class which can be used as a mixin, and as an interface (I welcome any corrections).

In one fell swoop this solves several of my problems. I was heading towards several different constructs, which in the end can all be achieved using traits.

Here is a simple interface implemented using a trait:

  trait StackInterface[T : type] {
    signature {
      push(T x);
      pop() : T;
      is_empty() : bool;
One thing very exciting for me about traits is that they can be used to implement contracts:
  trait StackContract {
    signature {
      push(T x) {
      pop() : T {
However, with one small change to the language specification: _before and _after member macros (incidentally something similar existed in the original cfront tool by Stroustrup), you can implement an AOP style advice class.
  trait LoggingAdvice {
    macros {
      _before = {
        writeln("calling function " + _function_name);
So now you can design an extremely powerful and flexible class using a composition of mixins.
  typedef Stack[type T] = 
      mixin(StackContract[T], heron::stack[T]));
That is only the tip of the iceberg, conditional mixin statements would make things even more exciting:
  static const bool bLogging = true; 
  static const bool bVerifyContracts = true; 

  typedef Stack[type T] = 
    mixin_if(bLogging, LoggingAdvice, 
      mixin_if(bVerifyContracts, StackContract[T], heron::stack[T]));
How do you like them apples?

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