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Heron-Centric: Ruminations of a Language Designer
A-Posteriori Subtyping and Case Classes
by Christopher Diggins
January 27, 2006
In a recent discussion Kresimir Cosic said the following thing to me: "I think that subtyping a-posteriori is great.". When thinking about case classes ala Scala (which I believe was inspired by Haskell), I couldn't help but wonder, why not have case classes a-posteriori?


The following is lifted from

Scala supports the notion of case classes. Case classes are regular classes which export their constructor parameters and which provide a recursive decomposition mechanism via pattern matching. Here is an example for a class hierarchy which consists of an abstract super class Term and three concrete case classes Var, Fun, and App.
abstract class Term;
case class Var(name: String) extends Term;
case class Fun(arg: String, body: Term) extends Term;
case class App(f: Term, v: Term) extends Term;
Okay, that is fine, but why not have something like the following :
class Var { ... }
class Fun { ... }
class App { ... }

casetype Term {  
AFAICT this method seems far more flexible and useful. I currently could use a case type, so I can't really see a good reason for not implementing it this way in Heron. Adding this to the languages is surprisingly simple.

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