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Marketing Python - An Idea Whose Time Has Come
by Guido van van Rossum
March 2, 2006
I'm reposting without comments a plea for more Python marketing by John Sirbu.


Dear Guido,

Maybe you would like to talk about how it is important for the Python user community to post to whatever website possible to evangelize Python. A call to get INVOLVED!

Just between you and me…. I'm sick of having to read AJAX and RoR article & tutorials on technica/ and various other quasi-news sites on how this will cure all ones application development woes...

Granted some of these sites aren't very "professional" nor strictly developer oriented BUT they cater to the young and upcoming crowd of programmers and tech news junkies… Case in point...Bruce Tate came to an Atlanta Java User Group meeting touting how "the aewsome" the "R" language is.

Basically, We need more Py-users spread the faith in Python…

Please send out the call to the community to encourage more posting and discussion… Another case in point… Jython has not been updated in a while, activity is sluggish and the other "R" language in interpreted java DOES have their community behind it.

Anyways just my two cents. Thank you for your time.


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