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The Thinking in Java Conference
by Bruce Eckel
March 28, 2006
Based on the success of last week's conference, I'm starting to plan the "Thinking in Java" conference for July. In particular, I need to set the dates.


Like Programming the New Web, the conference will run from Tuesday through Friday noon (people can stay Friday afternoon and through the weekend to enjoy Crested Butte, or depart Friday afternoon).

The location where I hold events currently has the last three weeks of July available. (Starting the 11th, 18th, or 25th). If anyone knows of conflicts or other reasons I should choose one week over another, please let me know so I can factor it in. Thanks.

I'll post the description and signup information as soon as I establish the date.

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Bruce Eckel ( provides development assistance in Python with user interfaces in Flex. He is the author of Thinking in Java (Prentice-Hall, 1998, 2nd Edition, 2000, 3rd Edition, 2003, 4th Edition, 2005), the Hands-On Java Seminar CD ROM (available on the Web site), Thinking in C++ (PH 1995; 2nd edition 2000, Volume 2 with Chuck Allison, 2003), C++ Inside & Out (Osborne/McGraw-Hill 1993), among others. He's given hundreds of presentations throughout the world, published over 150 articles in numerous magazines, was a founding member of the ANSI/ISO C++ committee and speaks regularly at conferences.

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