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Bridging Static and Dynamic Typing
by Christopher Diggins
April 13, 2006
Michael Feathers recently suggested that maybe static typing is a form of bad coupling which we could do without. Well in C++ at least you can bridge static typing and dynamic typing.


Okay I lured you in, but I'll have to admit what I am about to propose here isn't elegant. C++ support for both generic programming and dynamically typed programming is extremely rudimentary, however I think there is something to take away.

The bridge I am talking about is as follows:

  template<typename T = ootl::object>
  class priority_queue {
     void push(T value, int priority);
     T pop();
     bool is_empty();
In this example, ootl::object is my dynamically typed variant class which is available at but you can just as easily use boost::any (which is slower, but perhaps a bit safer).

So what do you think? Dynamically typed, or statically typed, its your choice when you use templates.

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